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Crossword clues for converts


n. (plural of convert English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: convert)

Usage examples of "converts".

Despacio had been one of the few free converts who did not have a built-in expiration date written into his coding.

She could have spoken to Kelly through the very chairs and tables themselves, but doing so always produced a harsh, slightly inhuman sound that reminded them both of the voice of the Abacus, the Teller, and the other free converts who worked at the office.

It was the place where converts flourished with maximum energy input, with the greatest quantum excitation.

Department of Immunity is going to do is round up all the free converts by any means necessary.

It was old school, from before converts could speak with pleasant voices.

New Miranda as a patient witness for treating free converts as fully human entities.

We think it will start with the free converts, the ones without bodily aspects, and then .

Justice Directorate code JD-31-K19, all free converts must register forthwith.

Of course, the official doctrine of the Valley was that free converts had no soul to wear on, and that what seemed to be consciousness in them was actually a kind of parroting.

If the free convert were, like Danis, the child of other free converts, her position was doubly suspect.

The converts were given a series of mazes to run under varying conditions.

As with the other activities, sometimes free converts went into the mazes and did not come out.

In the interrogation rooms, you learned that biological humans were counted as humans, and that free converts were not.

Since there was, properly speaking, no artificial intelligence which did not have at least a portion of its start in a downloaded human personality, all free converts were based upon some human model who had, because of ethics or money, released the free convert into the grist and gone his or her own way.

Sometimes converts did not die when their aspects did, and sometimes they would not.