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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Conus \Co"nus\, n. [L., a cone.]

  1. A cone.

  2. (Zo["o]l.) A Linnean genus of mollusks having a conical shell. See Cone, n., 4.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1885, from Latin conus "cone" (see cone).


acr. (context chiefly military English) The contiguous United States; the 48 states excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

Conus (disambiguation)

Conus is a genus of marine snails.

Conus may also refer to:


  • Saint Conus (died 1200), Benedictine monk and saint
  • Georgi Conus (1862-1933), Russian composer, brother of Julius and Lev
  • Julius Conus (1869-1942), Russian violinist and composer, brother of Georgi and Lev
  • Lev Conus (1871–1944), Russian pianist, music educator, and composer, brother of Georgi and Julius
  • Serge Conus (1902-1988), Russian pianist and composer, son of Julius

Other uses:

  • Contiguous United States (CONUS)
  • Conus (Marietta, Ohio), a prehistoric Moundbuilders' mound in Marietta, Ohio, United States
  • , a U.S. Navy ship to be converted to landing craft repair ship USS Conus (ARL-44), but the conversion was cancelled


Conus is a genus of predatory sea snails, or cone snails, marine gastropod mollusks in the family Conidae. Prior to 2009, cone snail species had all traditionally been grouped into the single genus Conus. However, Conus is now more precisely defined, and there are several other accepted genera of cone snails. For a list of the currently accepted genera, see Conidae.

For a list of the currently accepted species within the genus Conus, based on the information in the World Register of Marine Species ( WoRMS) list, see: list of Conus species.

Species in the genus Conus sensu stricto can be found in the tropical and subtropical seas of the world, at depths ranging from the sublittoral to 1,000 m. They are very variable in some of their characters, such as the tuberculation of the spire and body whorl, striae, colors and the pattern of coloring. Many fossil species have been described; they are extensively distributed, and first appear in Cretaceous strata.

Usage examples of "conus".

The Conus carries all manner of deadly weapons systems on board," Tom revealed.

He told Henry and Ben about their pursuit of the mammal and their encounter with the mines, the Conus, and the bubbles.

Before the Conus could take up pursuit, the Dyna-4 was safely away and heading for its Mariana Trench base again.

He was more eager than ever to track down the enemy sub Conus, and if possible find its base.

If Conus is in our vicinity, the sonar screen will pick it up immediately.

It was the Brungarian sub Conus, and it FISH-HEADED MEN 99 was approaching the Dyna at breakneck speed!

An enormous jet of flame leaped from the Conus at the Dyna-^l In a flash Tom jetted the Dyna away from the fearsome tongue of flame.

Tom, now fluent with his geometrical code and ultrasonic communicator, quickly explained to the creature that the Conus was Tom's enemy also.

Tom briefed the senior Swift on the details of their search for Bud and their encounter with the Conus and its new secret weapon.

Tom's newest invention would outfit Dyna against any future attack by the Brungarian sub Conus and its underwater flame thrower.

We had the Conus pulse out a duplication of the whale's signal to lure the Dyna-4 here.

Taking care to remain out of sight, Tom sent a radio message to the waiting Dyna-4, warning Arv and Hank of the presence of the Conus in the immediate vicinity.

When conversation resumed, Tom said, "Bud, I've been wondering where the Conus is.

On the sonar screen Tom and the others could follow the Conus escaping into the depths.

If so, with a little strategy he could keep the Conus and its occupants there a long time.