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contract law

n. that branch of jurisprudence that studies the rights and obligations of parties entering into contracts

Usage examples of "contract law".

The contract law that sanctions it is supposed to be a whale of a lot older, even.

In a single generation individual anxiety at our inability to deal with the massed resources of computerized corgovernment agencies and other public bodies has resulted in the mushrooming of contract law into a bigger industry than advertising.

Basic contract law permits private parties to extract such conditions so long as they do not violate public policy -- e.

To drag precedents from contract law into witchery law, which was a branch of ecclesiastical law, would expose John to charges that he had wilfully sown confusion, for where would such a practice stop?

Unable to speak, he simply smiled at her and returned to Wally's version of contract law.

He was young, and Bagabond noticed he was studying a book on contract law.