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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Consummate \Con"sum*mate\ (k[o^]n"s[u^]m*m[=a]t or k[o^]n*s[u^]m"m[=a]t; 277), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Consummated (k[o^]n"s[u^]m*m[=a]`t[e^]d); p. pr. & vb. n. Consummating (k[o^]n"s[u^]m*m[=a]`t[i^]ng).] To bring to completion; to raise to the highest point or degree; to complete; to finish; to perfect; to achieve.

To consummate this business happily.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1640s, "perfected," past participle adjective from consummate (v.). Of marriage, from 1709; earlier consummate (adj.) was used in this sense (1530s).


vb. (en-past of: consummate)


adj. brought to completion; "a consummated transaction" [ant: unconsummated]

Usage examples of "consummated".

The affair was happily consummated, but we had a narrow escape of being caught by Rose, who came in with Le Duc and begged me to let him dance, promising that he would behave himself properly.

We arranged that the marriage should not be consummated for two months.

I carried her gently to the bed, and while she strove to hide her alabaster breasts and the soft hair which marked the entrance to the sanctuary, I undressed in haste, and consummated the sweetest of sacrifices, without there being the slightest doubt in my mind of the purity of the victim.

She said that nobody suspected the truth, but that neither she nor Lebel (who had faithfully kept his promise, and had not consummated the marriage for the two months agreed upon) had any doubts.

The synod of Diamper, at which he presided, consummated the pious work of the reunion.

  By his expiatory sacrifice, the imperfect sacrifices of the temple were at once consummated and abolished.

  The marriage of Adolphus and Placidia ^136 was consummated before the Goths retired from Italy.

  With regard to the place where the nuptials were stipulated, or consummated, or celebrated, the Mss.

  The synod of Diamper, at which he presided, consummated the pious work of the reunion.

  She was doubtless a virgin, since Mahomet consummated his nuptials (such is the premature ripeness of the climate) when she was only nine years of age.

  The marriage of his daughter with John Palaeologus was at length consummated: the hereditary right of the pupil was acknowledged.

If the election be not consummated in three days, the luxury of their table is contracted to a single dish at dinner and supper.

The devastation consummated along the route traversed by the river of lava was complete and incalculable.

Thus, on the 10th day of September, 1857, was consummated one of the most cruel, cowardly and bloody murders known in our history.

This was a technicality, and the marriage had never been formally consummated, but the two were indeed in love, and had been for the better part of twenty years.