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Consumation may refer to:

  • Consummation (disambiguation) (for which the single-m version is an easy misspelling)
  • The Consumation, Hurt's 2003 album
  • "Consumation", a song by Nina Simone off of the album Silk & Soul

See also:

  • Consumption (disambiguation)
  • Consummation (album), 1970 recording
  • The Re-Consumation, Hurt's 2008 album of pre-2000 performances

Usage examples of "consumation".

Reeled back to my commander’s couch the vision was still there, the constellations reordered at a hundred and twenty degrees and I knew what had happened, I must have known it in sleep (sleep tossing me back toward that consumation of knowledge which waking had destroyed) and still I did not want to phrase it, did not want to bring it to the mind, a mind that was waxen from months behind the penitentiary of coma and so I suppressed it, put it below the shelf of consciousness not to be rummaged with and went to check on the rooms of my sleeping companions.

I was so eager for the consumation of my long-delayed revenge, that I did not even consider a preliminary personal trip into the fourth dimension.