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n. (plural of consort English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: consort)

Usage examples of "consorts".

Father there, and my sisters live with their consorts here in Fairhaven.

He was just one of two consorts, and he had less guts than the new one.

Mingo, but she consorts with the vagabonds, and must have larned some of their tricks.

Tuscarora in your company there, who has art and malice enough to spoil the character of any tribe with which he consorts, though he found the Mingos ready ruined to his hands, I fear.

A faint smile crosses Jerial's face, but vanishes near-instantly, as the two consorts trade seats.

You noticed that all the outside consorts were placed at first on one side of the table?

Dearest of Consorts I have not heard yet from you, but I trust all is well with you and with those around you.

If not for your sake, for the sake of your brothers, their consorts, and your children?

My father was talking about the need for suitable consorts, and he asked if I had ever taken the trouble to talk to you.

Because her older sister Syreal ran off with that merchanter, and that means that unless she consorts with a Magi'i she'll lose her standing in the Magi'i?

They can't take consorts with them, if they can find one, and they never are home.

I'm older now than most of the junior adepts who need consorts, and those who are left don't wish a sharp-tongued healer.

I knew that Liataphi has no sons and that he has been trying to find younger Magi'i as consorts for his daughters.

Wasyk be the recorder of consorts and the tax farmer for the Emperor here in Jakaafra.

He runs the business for Father there, and my sisters live with their consorts here in Fairhaven.