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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Consanguine \Con*san"guine\, a.

  1. related by blood; descended from a common ancestor; -- used as a term of relation between two people.

    Syn: akin(predicate), blood-related, cognate, consanguineous, kin(predicate).

  2. (Law) having the same father but different mothers; -- contrasted with {uterine[2]} and {german}.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, from French consanguin (14c.), from Latin consanguineus "of the same blood" (see consanguinity).


a. related by birth or "by blood," i.e. having close ancestors in common.


adj. related by blood [syn: akin(p), blood-related, cognate, consanguineous, kin(p)]

Usage examples of "consanguine".

The taste may be consanguine, but was certainly in place before his mother was reduced to terminal spindliness by her 6.

Territorial unions grew up instead of the consanguine unions of old, and this new organization evidently offered many advantages under the given circumstances.