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Conn \Conn\ (k[o^]n), v. t. See Con, to direct a ship.


n. The duty of directing a ship, usually used with the verb ''to have'' or '' to take'' and accompanied by the article "the." vb. (context transitive English) To direct a ship; to superintend the steering of (a vessel); to watch the course of (a vessel) and direct the helmsman how to steer.


v. conduct or direct the steering of a ship or plane

Conn (name)

Conn is a masculine English- and Irish-language given name, as well as an English-language surname. The origin of the given name is uncertain. It may be related to the Old Irish cond ("intellect" or "mind"), or perhaps to the Old Irish cenn ("head", "chief"). The latter word-origin may have resulted from a popular, but incorrect etymology, applied to the Old Irish terms Leth Cuinn and Dál Cuinn; these terms originally meant "half of the chief" and "tribe of the chief" but were mistakenly regarded to mean "half of Conn" and "tribe of Conn". In some cases the given name is as a short form of non Irish-language names that begin with the first syllable Con- (such as the names Conor and Connor).


Conn may refer to:

  • Conn (name), a family name and a masculine given name
  • Conn (nautical), the duty of giving directions for movement from the deck of a ship to the helm
  • Conn of the Hundred Battles, a figure from Irish mythology
  • C.G. Conn, Inc., a manufacturer of musical instruments
  • Conn, Louisiana, United States
  • Conn, Mississippi, United States
  • Conn, Ontario, Canada
  • Connecticut, United States
    • Connecticut College, a liberal arts college in New London, Connecticut, USA
  • CONN (functional connectivity toolbox), a cross-platform imaging software program
Conn (nautical)

The conn, also spelled cun, conne, cond, conde, and cund, is the act of controlling a ship's movements while at sea. The following quote summarizes the use of the term: Within the U.S. Navy, the captain of a vessel typically selects a junior officer to perform the role of conning for him or her. Such an individual has the title of "officer of the deck" (abbreviated OOD) or "the conning officer" while on duty, and he or she will stand watches at four-hour intervals carrying out the captain's commands. However, the captain can immediately take the conn by simply issuing an order to the helm. On navy ships, neither the ship's navigator nor the ship's pilot is usually the conning officer, whereas on merchant ships the conning officer may be the captain, the pilot, or another warrant officer. The officer of the deck may give the conn to a junior officer for training purposes, in which case the officer of the deck and the conning officer may not be the same individual (the officer who has the deck retains responsibility for the ship's safe passage; the conning officer only has responsibility for giving the helm instructions on direction and thrust of the ship's engines).

It is from this term that the concept of a conning tower, an elevated platform from which a conning officer can view all aspects of a ship's movement, is derived.

Although the origin of the term is not entirely clear, it appears that "conn" is a shortened form of "conduct"; the term is also frequently used as a transitive verb, i.e., to conn (therefore conduct) a ship.

CONN (functional connectivity toolbox)

CONN is a Matlab-based cross-platform imaging software for the computation, display, and analysis of functional connectivity in fMRI ( functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) in the resting state and during task.

CONN is available as a SPM toolbox and it is freely available for non-commercial use.

Usage examples of "conn".

He would worry about Adena because he was in love with Honor and what affected Honor, affected Conn.

And as the Archerfish entered the tight, restrictive waters off Denmark, the captain was at the conn.

His attention then shifted to conning the Bucephalas in towards their allotted buoy.

The elevated periscope stand in the control room where the Officer of the Deck usually conns the submarine.

Charging around the console to reach the empty conn, even as the bridge tilted in the lag of the inertial dampeners and the Voyager began her suicidal run, just as Janeway had intended.

Larkin sent Gimble forward to conn, worried that they might either lose their companion or ram into her.

Slurpees and the bottle of habanero salsa Benton had conned off Bugsy.

Face to face with the commander of the ship, and startled anew by his expression of blank incredulity, the glib flow of words conned so often during the steadfast but dreadful hours spent in the lazarette failed her.

Conn got out the plans of the volcano spaceport and the photomaps of the surrounding area.

Duckett climbed over the coaming of the bridge cockpit, the subfreezing metal of the conning tower sticking to the crotch of his fur trousers as he felt for the foothold with his boot.

Several ice blocks fell from the top of the black conning tower to the horizontal surfaces below.

Conn, beside him, was peering ahead into the teleview screen and shifting his eyes from it to the map and back again.

Conn returned to the teleview screen in time to see the truncated cone of the extinct volcano rise on the horizon, dwarfing everything around it.

From above came the boisterous shouts of the sea robbers and the chanting of the tillerman as he conned the ship.

The instant his father closed with his first opponent, Conn whirled and kicked the nearest Witchman on the kneecap.