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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Conjunctiva \Con`junc*ti"va\, n. [NL., from L. conjunctivus connective.] (Anat.) The mucous membrane which covers the external surface of the ball of the eye and the inner surface of the lids; the conjunctival membrane.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1540s, medical Latin, short for membrana conjunctiva "conjunctive membrane" (see conjunctive).


n. (context anatomy English) A clear mucous membrane that lines the inner surface of the eyelid and the exposed surface of the eyeball or sclera.

  1. n. a transparent membrane covering the eyeball and under surface of the eyelid

  2. [also: conjunctivae (pl)]


The conjunctiva lines the inside of the eyelids and covers the sclera (the white of the eye). It is composed of non-keratinized, stratified columnar epithelium with goblet cells, and also stratified columnar epithelium. The conjunctiva is highly vascularised, with many microvessels easily accessible for imaging studies.

Usage examples of "conjunctiva".

The conjunctiva, sclera, and the mucous membranes of the mouth were a dirty chocolate colour.

The lachrymal glands are small lobular organs, situated at the outer and upper orbit of the eye, and have from six to eight ducts, which open upon the conjunctiva, between the eyelid and its inner fold.

He had pinkeye, an unpleasant inflammation of the conjunctiva, and held a handkerchief to his face.

When I pulled down her eyelid and saw the dead white conjunctiva a knell sounded in my mind.

Balancing the dog in my lap, I pulled down an eyelid and saw that the conjunctiva was pale.

The conjunctiva that surrounded his eyes, exposed, had turned black as charcoal.

Students disputed whether the conjunctiva extended over the cornea or not, and worried themselves over Gaultier de Claubry's stratified layers of the skin, or Breschet's blennogenous and chromatogenous organs.

I pulled the lower eyelid down from the staring orb-the conjunctiva was blue, Jake hadn't long to live.

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