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n. (plural of conjecture English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: conjecture)

Usage examples of "conjectures".

These suspicions were not effaced by the conduct of Ferdinand, who, when examined on the subject, managed his answers in such a manner, as confirmed their conjectures, while he pretended to refute them, and at the same time acquired to himself credit for his extraordinary discretion and self-denial.

She reflected upon the trespass she had already committed in her heart, and, in the conjectures of her fear, believed that her lover was no other than the devil himself, who had assumed the appearance of Fathom, in order to tempt and seduce her virtue.

He had answered, but he felt all the while how much his answer had sprung from his own conjectures and how little from his authorities.

Calvert formed some plausible conjectures of what was on foot, and by the time that the formidable procession had reached his neighborhood he was prepared to join it.

Still, we believe, the doctrine which we teach not only to be more rational, but absolutely more moral than the conjectures on this subject which are in ordinary use.

I saw him depart with great satisfaction, and gave myself once more to conjectures respecting the strange recluse.

If both these conjectures were true, I thought it possible that the communication the Hermit wished to make might be made yet more willingly to me as a stranger than if he knew who was in reality his confidant.

SOMETHING which would surely take place between father and son if her conjectures should prove to be true.

I finally decided to assume both these conjectures as true, and apply them to the remaining testimony.

It only remains to throw out a few conjectures as to the particular manner in which it is to break up and disappear.

Miltonic phrase, or leave the verb to the happy conjectures of my audience?

I have not written to you because I thought it needless to make conjectures, and ask questions, and give assurances, when you were sure, sooner or later, to come and tell me the whole story.

Now, in the conjectures here proposed, some of the most excellent faculties of the mind may be employed to much advantage, since it is a more useful capacity to be able to foretel the actions of men, in any circumstance, from their characters, than to judge of their characters from their actions.