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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Coniferous \Co*nif"er*ous\, a.

  1. Bearing cones, as the pine and cypress.

  2. Pertaining to the order Coniferae, of which the pine tree is the type.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1660s, from conifer + -ous.


a. 1 Bearing cones, as the pine and cypress. 2 Of, or pertaining to, a conifer.


adj. of or relating to or part of trees or shrubs bearing cones and evergreen leaves [syn: cone-bearing]

Usage examples of "coniferous".

His name was Wilbur Larch, which, except for the scent of ether that always accompanied him, reminded one of the nurses of the tough, durable wood of the coniferous tree of that name.

It was available on most coniferous trees, and even in the wettest of conditions it was usually dry.

They were on the far southewestern side of the city now, where dense stands of coniferous forest ran inland up the shallow subsidiary canyon.

For the animals, the living offered by the taiga was meager compared to the old mixed deciduous and coniferous temperate forests.

In rare instances where a ravine opened into a watered valley, sheltered from the incessant, driving wind and supplied with sufficient moisture, the coniferous and small-leafed deciduous trees more closely approached their true proportions.

Walking out of a sparse coniferous forest intermixed with dwarfed birch and willow, she found herself at her high secluded meadow.

Even the periodically flooded river valley seldom grew very large trees, but the small valley where she had lived was protected from the worst of the cutting winds and had more than sufficient water for a few large coniferous trees.

Gray and imposing, their rugged peaks and crevices capped with snow, the jagged granite sentinels pierced the bright blue sky, the coniferous forests huddling around their bases like thick skirts.

The g force that resulted was mild, but it was enough for the Gundam to jump over the coniferous forest.

All the way, over the waffle fields and hanks of french toast sprinkled with confectioner's sugar, over salt lake, pious plain, desert, more desert, mountain, valley, and then the coniferous ridges of the continent's edge, all the way from tundra to taiga.

On three sides were other hills, forested with a variety of broadleafed and coniferous tree species.