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Coni may refer to:

  • Cuneo, Italy
  • Coni, Azerbaijan
  • Italian National Olympic Committee

Usage examples of "coni".

Villana and Carmagnola, and detached the marquis de Feuquieres to invest Coni, a strong fortress garrisoned by the Vaudois and French refugees.

The miscarriage of the French before Coni affected Louvois, the minister of Louis, so deeply, that he could not help shedding tears when he communicated the event to his master, who told him with great composure that he was spoiled by good fortune.

The duke of Savoy retreated to Moncalier, and threw a reinforcement into Coni, which Catinat would not venture to besiege, so severely had he been handled in the battle.

In a way, I thank the gods he was so weak that morn and passed out before Tohre gave Coni the last hit.

I wanted her and anything I could do to keep Coni out of her life, I did.

The Toad, Coni asked me to find Liza for him, and if I did, he would give me her hand in marriage.

I pushed Coni overboard and he nearly froze to death before you got him back on board?

Cullen was on his way here and asked Coni to look after WindLass while she went to join you.

My name is Conar, but my other brothers call me Coni, so I guess you should, too.