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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Conge \Con"ge\ (k[o^]n"j[=e]), v. i. [Imp. & p. p. Congeed (k[o^]n"j[=e]d); p. pr. & vb. n. Congeing.] [OF. congier, congeer, F. cong['e]dier, fr. cong['e]. See Cong['e], n.] To take leave with the customary civilities; to bow ceremoniously, or courtesy.

I have congeed with the duke, done my adieu with his nearest.


n. A concave molding. vb. (context intransitive English) To take leave with the customary civilities; to bow or courtesy.

  1. n. a concave molding

  2. formal permission to depart; "he gave me his conge"

  3. an abrupt and unceremonious dismissal


v. perform a ceremonious bow [syn: congee]

Usage examples of "conge".

By-ends, and behold, as they came up with him, he made them a very low conge {conge'}.

However, she had every intention of giving him his conge before they reached the vestibule!

For instance, you say you gave Georgiana her conge this morning, yet only a day or so ago you told me how much you loved her.

So courteous conge both did giue and take,With right hands plighted, pledges of good will.

As there were no more gates to open, Miss Brandon dismissed the servant, who stood at the ponies' heads, and who, touching his hat with his white glove, received his conge, and strode with willing steps up the road.

A messenger had been sent for him, and he was upstairs with her ladyship while his rival was receiving his conge downstairs.