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n. (plural of conformist English)

Usage examples of "conformists".

This is the operating principle that guides the research of Niles Caulder, the Chief of the DOOM PATROL, as he deliberately provokes 'accidents' that transform self-satisfied conformists into companionless, existentially tormented super-heroes.

There are anarchists who, beneath their dirty denim shirts, are outrageous conformists, and conformists who, beneath their button-down collars, are outrageous anarchists.

When he was at leisure from writing and teaching, he often came up to LONDON, and there went among the congregations of the non conformists, and used his talent to the great good-liking of the hearers.

Looking at her similarly dressed companions, he has to conclude that although college uniform may be consigned to history, young people remain conformists at heart - so long as they are left to choose what they conform to.