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n. (plural of cone English)

Usage examples of "cones".

During the first five minutes that you are in the dark, all the photoreceptors in your eye-- both rods and cones -- are gradually becoming more sensitive to light.

In every direction the cones pointed, seemingly interwoven of strands of metal and of light.

In its opening it must have turned, for its--FACE--was toward us and away from the Cones, its body hid the Disk, and almost all the surfaces of the two watchful Stars.

It was as though the shields and the Cones turned pure energy into substance.

Could it be that the Cones for all their apparent mass had little, if any, weight?

The faceted wheel at the top of the central spire of the cones swung upward.

Now here, now there, I saw the other rings whirl up--smaller mouths of lesser cones hidden within the body of the Metal Monster, I knew, sucking down this magnetic flux, these countless ions gushing forth from the sun.

He had not seen, as we had, the orgy in the Hall of the Cones, the prodigious feeding of the Metal Monster upon our sun.

Something of the Keeper of the Cones and of our striking through the sun to destroy the Things--something of them being governed by the same laws that govern us and that if they broke them they must fall.

But around the crystal base of the cones was an open zone into which none broke.

And from all the lesser craters of the smaller cones swept silent cataracts of the same pale radiance.

The cones were some kind of immensely concentrated force-- electric, magnetic.

The tips of the cones, pointed forward, and their cables were brought back through the hull into the navigation room behind the bridge.

Though two cones had subsided, the third and smallest still erupted periodically over the centuries.

Dark clouds drifted above the mountains as other great cones vented their fury.