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vb. (en-third-person singular of: concert)

Concerts (Henry Cow album)

Concerts is a live double album by English avant-rock group Henry Cow, recorded at concerts in London, Italy, the Netherlands and Norway between September 1974 and October 1975. Sides one and two of the LP record consist of composed material while sides three and four contain improvised pieces.

The album includes Henry Cow's last John Peel Session, recorded in September 1975 and extracts from a concert with Robert Wyatt at the New London Theatre in May 1975. "Groningen" (recorded in September 1974) is part of an instrumental suite where the band improvised around fragments of an early version of Tim Hodgkinson's " Living in the Heart of the Beast" from In Praise of Learning (1975). Another performance of this suite (in full) later appeared in Halsteren on Volume 2: 1974–5 of The 40th Anniversary Henry Cow Box Set (2009).

CD reissues of the album include Henry Cow's tracks on Greasy Truckers Live at Dingwalls Dance Hall (1974), a double LP of an October 1973 Dingwalls concert, featuring Camel, Henry Cow, Global Village Trucking Company and Gong.

Concerts (Keith Jarrett album)

Concerts is a live solo album by American pianist Keith Jarrett recorded in concert on May 28, 1981 at the Festspielhaus in Bregenz, Austria and on June 2, 1981 at the Herkulesaal in Munich, West Germany and originally released as a 3-LP set on the ECM label. It was also released as a single LP including only the Bregenz performance.

Initially the CD pressings included only the Bregenz performance; it wasn't until 2013 that ECM put out a full three-disc reissue containing both concerts on CD for the first time.

The opening of the Bregenz performance was included in the soundtrack of the film Mostly Martha.

Usage examples of "concerts".

The treasury was always supplied from the proceeds of these concerts and the supply of money never failed, to my knowledge, during my sojourn in Dedham.

While the rebellion was raging we laid aside oratorio work and studied patriotic music suitable to the concerts that we were called upon to give to raise funds for the soldiers.

Our successful concerts in aid of the soldiers, the many Sabbaths we worshiped and sang together, made us an harmonious band of singers.

The children were at school and I still held my church position and began to sing at concerts and entertainments.

These were busy days, what with concerts, singing in churches and at funerals, rehearsals, dressmaking and roomers.

Anderson, Sam Booth and myself were engaged as soloists for the Visalia concerts that lasted three nights, given under the auspices of the Good Templars of that city.

Several of them even told me the songs I sang and others the different places and particular concerts where I sang.

Our work was very difficult and we had many high days and holidays, requiems, festivals and concerts for the organ fund which had been ordered from abroad, and we were supposed to help the organ fund along until it came.

I am not sure how many concerts we gave, but they were all of a high standard.

Professor Dohrmann, one of our leading musicians, was organist, also leader of orchestras, and our concerts were given with orchestral accompaniment.

During that time we gave several fine concerts and on one occasion gave The Daughter of Jairus with great success, H.

It was supposed from the low price that these concerts would be beneath the notice of the high toned dilettanti of the city, but the performance last evening has completely disabused not only the nicely-critical, but the public generally of this idea.

It is one of our best jokes between us when we recount the enjoyment of our successful concerts given in California, Oregon and British Columbia.

These concerts made quite a stir among the older musicians, who thought it strange that a twenty-five-cent entertainment should receive such acknowledgment.

The halls of the dollar concerts were deserted and the twenty-five-cent concert hall was overflowing with music lovers.