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Usage examples of "conc".

Old Conc, if you will, since I currently endure on the fallow side of the antediluvian.

Silpa, the natives would respond to any command Conc chose to give them.

In seconds Old Conc had gone from being alternately crazy and intimidating to a wretched shell of a human being.

The strange figure who called himself Old Conc had spoiled and infected only a portion of their research.

One might as well dispute God, for all that the Old Conc had taken numerous pains to repeatedly point out that he was only an individual, living being like themselves, no greater or lesser.

He would query Conc when the time seemed propitious, and he would not give up until they had some answers.

Was it any more preposterous to assume that Old Conc was merely a clever Xican than a lone one-way traveler from far distant Earth?

They were probably also what had convinced Old Conc to gamble his one-way, one-shot flight on this particular extrasolar system.

Old Conc might have educated them in the arts of primitive war, but both tribes observed strict prohibitions against theft.

Or was infanticide against the rules Old Conc had set down for them, and would a warrior who so fell from grace be disciplined, exiled, or executed?

Doubtless Old Conc was waiting for Xican initiative to assert itself in the realm of defensive fortification as well.

Old Conc discoursing on matters unknown to a cluster of attentive Pendju and Quwanga.

The future of these people is too important to leave in the hands of this Conc person.

Old Conc relaxing at one of his favored spots, atop the highest point of the bluff that overlooked the sea.

Trembling, it hovered there for a long moment before Conc lowered it slowly.