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a. shaped like a cone or funnel; conic

Conal (given name)

Conal is a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Conal Bonnar (born 1969), former Irish sportsperson
  • Conal Coad, opera singer
  • Conal Gallen, Irish comedian and singer
  • Conal Gregory (born 1947), UK Conservative Party MP for York 1983–1992
  • Conal Groom (born 1973), head coach at Seattle Rowing Center, Seattle, Washington
  • Conal Holmes O'Connell O'Riordan (1874–1948), Irish dramatist and novelist
  • Conal Keaney, Irish footballer and hurler
  • Conal O'Brien (born 1956), American television soap opera director
  • Conal Platt (born 1986), professional footballer

Usage examples of "conal".

Emer and Conal followed close behind, and Leary, Nid, and Elenn a little behind them.

Even the order of names revealed her hidden preference, Conal would guess.

There was no friendship between them and Conal to spoil, even if he had cared, but he hated to watch what it was doing to Leary.

It was a law of Oriel, of the whole island of Tir Isarnagiri, of the whole world as far as Conal knew.

Then, without looking, he put out his hands and held back Emer and Conal, one on each side of him, and let the others go ahead.

Elenn and the others ahead turned to look, but Conal gestured them on and they started walking again.

But Conal was sure that if he put in more effort, more time practicing, building up his strength, he would eventually catch up and even overtake Darag.

The rest of them followed him in a straggle, Conal first, quickening his pace, and Emer beside him.

She had been walking with ap Fathag and Conal, which was all right, but now ap Fathag had gone on ahead and she seemed to be talking intently to Conal.

She gave hardly a glance to Conal and no glance at all at the rest of them.

Darag was the best champion, but Leary was tough and Conal was clever, and anything that would give Darag an advantage when it came to choosing was a good thing.

He was surprised Conal or Leary had even tried, from that angle it would be quite impossible.

The smith was well pleased with this bargain, always greeted Conal kindly and sometimes even brought him out a cup of milk on hot days.

As Elenn came out of their room, Conal and his parents came into the hall through the outside door, letting in a little dawn light with them.

Emer went straight to Conal and stood beside him, abandoning her sister.