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Comyn can refer to:

  • Clan Comyn, another name for Clan Cumming.

Usage examples of "comyn".

He put constraint on everyone, just by being what he was: Comyn and Hastur.

Except for Danvan Hastur, Regent of the Comyn, Kennard was probably the most powerful man in the Seven Domains.

But in any case, he realized, he had overheard an insolent remark about a Comyn lord, and the guard would have been embarrassed about that.

He was angry at Kennard for making this choice necessary, especially when there was nothing about Comyn etiquette or diplomacy that Kennard did not know.

Father a lot of sons, and a lot of daughters to marry other Comyn sons.

They hadn't liked it, but they'd had to allow me the legitimate privileges of a Comyn heir and the duties that went with them.

If one of them turns out to have laran—which is what every woman who bears a child to a Comyn lord hopes for—nothing is easier than having the child acknowledged and given privileges and duties somewhere in the Domains.

I've done a little of everything, as Comyn heirs in the cadets are supposed to: I've supervised street patrols, organizing everything from grain supplies for the pack animals to escorts for Comyn ladies.

No one could expect the Regent of Comyn to stand out in the rain and wait, hut he could have sent more than a servant's message!

The family has Comyn blood, a few generations back, but they're poor as miser's mice.

They had been bred for that work, in the days when Comyn did complex and life-shattering work in the higher-level matrices.

But in these days, due to inbreeding, indiscriminate marriages with nontelepaths and the disappearance of the old means of stimulating these gifts, the various Comyn psi powers no longer bred true.

I couldn't spend the whole night storming all over Comyn Castle, shouting his name!

To the end of his life he retained an impression of the Comyn Castle which he could summon at will to overlay his real memories of it: a vast stone maze, a trap through which he wandered alone for centuries, with no human form to be seen.

A world where he could be free of the tremendous burden laid on the Comyn, a world where he could be himself, more than simply heir to his Domain, his life laid out in preordained duties from birth to grave.