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Comunero is a Spanish term with several meanings; literally, it means "member of a community", but it has other connotations as well, depending on context. Notably, several revolts in Spanish-speaking countries have been led by "comuneros," thus the term can mean "rebel" as well.

Uprisings of rebels called "comuneros" include:

  • Revolt of the Comuneros, a rebellion in Castile against King Charles I (also known as Emperor Charles V) from 1520–1521.
  • Revolt of the Comuneros (Paraguay), a revolt in Paraguay from 1721–1735.
  • Revolt of the Comuneros (New Granada), a revolt in New Granada (modern Colombia) from 1779–1781.

Comunero may also refer to:

  • Comunera Province, a province in Santander Department where the Revolt of the Comuneros in New Granada took place.
  • Villalar de los Comuneros, a small town in Castile and León where the Battle of Villalar took place. It later renamed itself in honor of the defeated rebels.
  • Comuneros (TransMilenio), a bus station in Bogotá.
  • Sociedad de los Caballeros Comuneros ("Society of Comunero Knights"), a secret society in Spain from 1821–1823 during the Trienio Liberal.