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Grupo COMSA was a Spanish construction and infrastructure company whose main business historically has been railway infrastructure work. Later the business expanded into more general construction and infrastructure work.

Since the 1990s the group has diversified into other business areas,

The majority of the group's employees were in Spain, with ~40% in other countries - the two other main areas by employee number being Australia and Poland.

In July 2009 Grupo Comsa and EMTE SA (Estudios, Montajes y Tendidos Eléctricos) merged to form COMSA EMTE.

COMSA (disambiguation)

COMSA may refer to:

  • The 'College of Maritime and Shipping Administration' at the Palompon Institute of Technology in the Philippines
  • 'Commonwealth Observer Mission to South Africa'
  • COMSA MEXICO - an ambulance manufacturer
  • COMSA - a Spanish railway infrastructure and construction company.
  • A surname - either 'Comsa' or 'Comşa'