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Etymology 1 n. (context slang English) computer Etymology 2

n. (context informal English) A member of the genus ''Compsognathus'' or ''Procompsognathus''.


Compy has several uses and meanings.

  • An abbreviation, slang term or pet name for a " computer."
  • The shortened form of Procompsognathus (conflated with the distantly-related Compsognathus, "The Littlest Dinosaur"), as used in the book Jurassic Park.
  • The brand name of Strong Bad's second computer (the Compy 386) in the flash series Homestar Runner.

Usage examples of "compy".

The new Soldier compies on Earth will be a major part of this victory.

Paxton, this man claims to be a compy specialist, a cyberneticist with a great deal of experience in Soldier models and their programming.

 The compy extended an ornate package, a plaque sealed with shimmering paper and embossed with unusual designs that Anton instantly recognized as Ildiran.

Costui aveva mostrato di apprezzare la mia conversazione, che a quel tempo non era affatto spiacevole, e avendo appreso ch'era mia intenzione vedere il mondo, mi disse che se avessi voluto compier la traversata a bordo della sua nave, non avrei dovuto sborsare un soldo.

Well, it turns out that compys will eat the feces of large herbivores and redigest it.