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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Compt \Compt\ (kount, formerly k[o^]mt; 215), n. [F. compte. See Count an account.] Account; reckoning; computation. [Obs.]


Compt \Compt\, v. t. [F. compter. See Count, v. t.] To compute; to count. [Obs.] See Count.


Compt \Compt\, a. [L. comptus, p. p. of comere to care for, comb, arrange, adorn.] Neat; spruce. [Obs.]


Etymology 1

  1. (context obsolete English) neat; spruce Etymology 2

    n. (context obsolete English) account; reckoning; computation v

  2. (context obsolete English) To compute; to count.

Usage examples of "compt".

Nay, but I will speak, Since like two souls at compt we seem to stand, Where nothing may be hidden.