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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Compressible \Com*press"i*ble\, a. [Cf. F. compressible.] Capable of being pressed together or forced into a narrower compass, as an elastic or spongy substance.


a. 1 able to be compressed 2 (context topology of a surface embedded in a 3-dimensional manifold English) Containing a circle that does not serve as the boundary of a disk that lies in the surface, but does serve as boundary of a disk that lies in the ambient manifold.

  1. adj. capable of being compressed or made more compact; "compressible packing materials"; "a compressible box" [ant: incompressible]

  2. capable of being easily compressed [syn: squeezable]


Usage examples of "compressible".

The pulse is more compressible and less frequent, the kidneys act freely, respiration is natural, the pains subside, although there remains languor, lassitude, and weariness, a preternatural sensibility to cold, an easily excited pulse, and a pale and sickly aspect of the countenance.