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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Compo \Com"po\, n.; pl. -pos. Short for Composition; -- used, esp. in England, colloq. in various trade applications; as :

  1. A mortar made of sand and cement.

  2. A carver's mixture of resin, whiting, and glue, used instead of plaster of Paris for ornamenting walls and cornices.

  3. A composition for billiard balls.

  4. A preparation of which printer's rollers are made.

  5. A preparation used in currying leather.

  6. Composition paid by a debtor.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

n. 1 (abbreviation of composition English) 2 (abbreviation of competition English) 3 (abbreviation of compensation English)


Compo may refer to:

  • Demoscene compo, a competition involving multimedia "demo" programs
  • A character from the British TV series Last of the Summer Wine named Compo Simmonite, played by Bill Owen
  • Slang for British army field rations
  • A shorthand term for " composition ornament", a general term for molded and cast mixtures composed variously from linseed oil, pitch, whiting, hide glue, and various binders and aggregates such as horsehair, hemp or dried clay. Decorative elements are cast from this material and applied to walls, ceilings, doors, and mantels for an overwhelming decorative effect.
  • A slang word for compensation. In some countries there is a perceived culture of looking for monetary compensation for minor injuries as a form of income. In Australia the word is commonly used as slang for compensation, without any negative implications.
Compo (film)

Compo is a 1989 low budget Australian film.

Usage examples of "compo".

Seers explain the act of seeing the Eagle in very simple terms: because man is composed of the Eagle's emanations, man need only revert back to his compo nents.

Doc said that the trigger-mechanism toward non compos was frequently, if not always, emotion.

Harshaw did not like fake anything and would choose to eat cold compone over the most perfect syntho "sirloin.

You'll find I'm not nearly so susceptible to coercion when I'm compos mentis.

How can you do or say anything calling for an apology when you are legally non compos mentis?

Possibly because of my healing discourse, possibly because we'd pulled up at the Astor House, she suddenly snapped her head erect, white as a sheet but compos mentis, and began to behave normally, but mute.

For the moment, he was compos mentis, with no more holes in his memory than the average one-hundred-and-ninety-four-year-old, but the integrity of his personality had grown perilously brittle.

Hughes is non compos mental, and he thinks he's got Ward in his pocket.

The fact that he is clearly non compos mentis will carry no weight with the Prince when he gets wind of this.

But the old Latin joke came back to him: Penis erectus non compos mentis.

I went to Felix's parties and I trucked with Georgie once, and Felix thought I was non compos mentis, so if he sent you to see me he was probably playing a game.

He was killed because he had for too long made G-men, all of whom then wore fedoras, look non compos mentis, like nincompoops.