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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Compline \Com"pline\, Complin \Com"plin\, n. [From OE. complie, OF. complie, F. complies, pl., fr. LL. completa (prop. fem. of L. completus) the religious exercise which completes and closes the service of the day. See Complete.] (Eccl.) The last division of the Roman Catholic breviary; the seventh and last of the canonical hours of the Western church; the last prayer of the day, to be said after sunset.

The custom of godly man been to shut up the evening with a compline of prayer at nine of the night.


n. (alternative form of compline English)


n. last of the seven canonical hours just before retiring [syn: compline]

Usage examples of "complin".

Tonight, before Complin, you shall swear your Vows, and join the Brotherhood of Man.

Tyron wouldn't hear any excuses, nor was he placated by the offer of a basket of Complin apples instead.