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n. 1 (cx informal uncountable English) The practice of entering many competitions in order to win as many prizes as possible. 2 (cx informal countable English) musical accompaniment vb. (present participle of comp English)


Comping (an abbreviation of accompanying - or possibly from the verb, to "complement") is a term used in jazz music to describe the chords, rhythms, and countermelodies that keyboard players ( piano or organ), guitar players, or drummers use to support a jazz musician's improvised solo or melody lines. The term is also used for the action of accompanying, and for left hand part of a solo pianist.

Usage examples of "comping".

Beyond that I have no comment to make on this disgraceful sugges Dean of reporters: Wish I could afford comping to your standards, Prexy.

Flamen, instead of comping some petty little story that's going to do no more than reinforce your own worthless image to the public, why don't you comp something important, like asking your beloved machines to estimate the human race's chance of surviving past the end of the century?

Usually, the bands had a small but loyal local following that brought good enough business to pay the bills, and they were talented enough at comping to be able to back up solo performers the bar managers brought in.