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The warlike Elfe much wondred at this tree,So faire and great, that shadowed all the ground,And his broad braunches, laden with rich fee,Did stretch themselues without the vtmost boundOf this great gardin, compast with a mound,Which ouer-hanging, they themselues did steepe,In a blacke flood which flow'd about it round.

But past awhile, when she fit season sawTo leaue that desert mansion, she castIn secret wize her selfe thence to withdraw,For feare of mischiefe, which she did forecastMight by the witch or by her sonne compast:Her wearie Palfrey closely, as she might,Now well recouered after long repast,In his proud furnitures she freshly dight,His late miswandred wayes now to remeasure right.

Cities are compast with Walls, and all for fear of neighbouring Kingdomes and Townes.