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Compas (disambiguation)

Compas may refer to:

  • Compas, a Haitian musical genre
  • Compas (album), a 1997 album by Gipsy Kings
  • Compás, metre and time signature in Spanish flamenco music
  • COMPAS, a Canadian polling company
  • Rob Compas (born 1966), Dutch cyclist

COMPAS is a Canadian polling company.

Compas (album)

Compas is the ninth studio album by rumba band Gipsy Kings. It was released in 1997 in Europe and the US, using a different song order. The European version has one completely new track, "Sueño de Noche", as well as a remixed version of "Ami Wa Wa (Solo Por Ti)".

Usage examples of "compas".

Thow mayde and mooder, doghter of thy sone, Thow welle of mercy, synful soules cure, In whom that God for bountee chees to wone, Thow humble and heigh, over every creature Thow nobledest so ferforth oure nature, That no desdeyn the makere hadde of kynde, His sone in blood and flessh to clothe and wynde, Withinne the cloistre blisful of thy sydis Took mannes shape the eterneel love and pees, That of the tryne compas lord and gyde is, Whom erthe and see and hevene out of relees Ay heryen, and thou, virgine wemmelees, Baar of thy body, and dweltest mayden pure, The creatour of every creature.

Faire virgin (said the Prince) ye me requireA thing without the compas of my wit:For both the lignage and the certain Sire,From which I sprong, from me are hidden yit.

A S Pilot well expert in perilous waue,That to a stedfast starre his course hath bent,When foggy mistes, or cloudy tempests haueThe faithfull light of that faire lampe yblent,And couer'd heauen with hideous dreriment,Vpon his card and compas firmes his eye,The maisters of his long experiment,And to them does the steddy helme apply,Bidding his winged vessell fairely forward fly.

The cause some say is this: A litle whileBefore that Merlin dyde, he did intend,A brasen wall in compas to compileAbout Cairmardin, and did it commendVnto these Sprights, to bring to perfect end.

Round was the shap, in manere of compas, Ful of degrees the heighte os sixty pas, That whan a man was set on o degree, He lette nat his felawe for to see.