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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Compart \Com*part"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Comparted; p. pr. & vb. n. Comparting.] [L. compartiri; com- + partiri, partire to share, pars, partis, part, share: cf. OF. compartir. See Part, v. t.] To divide; to mark out into parts or subdivisions. [R.]

The crystal surface is comparted all In niches verged with rubies.


vb. 1 (context obsolete English) To divide and share with others. 2 To divide into smaller parts; to divide into compartments. 3 To arrange or lay out according to a plan, with due distribution and disposition of parts.


v. lay out in parts according to a plan

Usage examples of "compart".

Despite Corky's strict rules of compart mentation Metcalfe knew where Derek lived.

It was highly unusual for Corcoran to permit one of his operatives to meet with another: this was a violation of his vaunted principle of compart mentation "In this case, I have no choice," Corky had said to Metcalfe in Paris.

Corky's sacred compart mentation proscribed that, but he couldn't help but wonder.

For a moment, Metcalfe was confused, then he remembered that the FBI man was not fully in the loop, that Corky's sacred compart mentation dictated that he not learn the true identities of Corky's agents.

Not like your gasbag Corcoran, with his fucking compart mentation Christ, what a phony he was.

All in the compart were aware that the wizards at Mhored Kara conscripted paranormally gifted children for training.

With keenest anticipation, the current ruler of the compart intended to correct this oversight.

Scait already knew that no force possessed by the compart was capable of destroying it.

That humanity might share the fate of Shadow-fane's compart as a result left guilt that could never be assuaged.

Only dust remained of the compart that had hated and plotted vengeance through the centuries since Cor-inne Dane's luckless wreck.

Frank Colt wore dress blues as he leaned back in the plush reclining chair of the jetcopter's passenger compart- ment.