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Usage examples of "compar".

Quite a lot is known about their intellectual life and although it was simple compared with our own, the advance it represented on life forms that went before is clear.

For many thousands of years, therefore, early man would have suffered fewer diseases in such places as Europe and Siberia, as compared with Africa.

Provided there were bellows sufficiently strong to provide a current of air, a single-tier furnace was enough, as compared with the elaborate two-tier, kiln-type furnace which was needed for copper ore to be reduced in crucibles.

Among early Indian gods, for example, Indra was constantly compared to a bull.

The fact that the moon at times has a crescent shape induced early people to see in this an echo of the horns of the bull, so that like the sun the moon was also on occasions compared to this divinity.

They, as we shall see, developed the idea of one true God, and that history has a direction, whereas with the Greeks and in particular with Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism, the gods stood in a different relation to humans as compared with the West.

This stimulated tension and encouraged reflection in his audiences as they compared the human view of predicaments with the established perspective of the gods and destiny.

The Greeks had a different idea of divinity as compared with the Jews.

As compared to Greek, Latin grammar and syntax are more archaic, closer to the original Indo-European.

In addition, compared to Latin Greek had an extra voice, number, mood and tense and twice as many particles.

After this such authors as Seneca and Quintilian were always aware in Rome that texts could become corrupted and they often compared different copies of books with this in mind.

The first was an overlap with Christianity, not so much in the writings of Cicero himself as of Seneca, who was often compared later on with St Jerome.

Moreover there are only about 420 syllables in Mandarin, as compared with, say, 1,200 in English, and because there are about 50,000 words in a Chinese dictionary there are many words pronounced using the same sound or syllable.

According to figures Grendler quotes for Venice, some 89 per cent of students attended independent schools, compared with 4 per cent who went to communal schools.

As compared with Eurasia, for example, which had thirty-three species of large-seeded grasses, the Americas had only eleven.