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n. 1 (context in bibliographies English) (abbreviation of compiled English) 2 (context in bibliographies English) (abbreviation of compiler English) 3 (context in bibliographies English) (abbreviation of compilation English) 4 (context grammar English) (abbreviation of comparative English)

Usage examples of "comp.".

If the guidance comps, in their primitive way, felt any rebellious qualm about firing on their larger cousin, there was no indicationjust a few score fire-trails arcing away toward the boojum.

The General sat for a moment looking at the flatpic of Tarnekep Portree displayed on the desk comp. Finally he turned around again.

Kite was gone by that last September of Unsubsidized Time, admitted early on a full ride in Comp. Science by Salem State U.

When he was done with the comp, he got even with her for spilling ice cream on him.

Both my arms are pinioned from behind by the Director of Comp., who wrestles me roughly down, on me with all his weight.

They had access, both by education and through the comp, to the best knowledge Aster had evolved, the best resources her planners and builders had been able to cram into Aster's Hope.

If those bastards can't break the comp, do you think they'll try to contact us?

When she didn't say anything, he gave the problem to the comp, told it to wait until the last possible instantconsidering Aster's Hope's poor maneuverabilityand then thrust the ship into the alien's path.

You know, where you can cram in with your pals and take goofy shots, then mug them up on a comp. We don't have an X license, so it's got to be clean.

Academy's Workman's Comp. premiums had skyrocketed, and the whole thing was still in litigation.

Gately flunked Sophomore Comp. in May and lost the fall's eligibility and withdrew from school for a year to preserve his junior season.