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Comon may be:

  • short for Come On
  • akin to C'mon
  • a misspelling of Common
  • the preterite plural form of Old English cuman ("to come")

Usage examples of "comon".

I did never heate a flesh pott but when the comon pott was so used likewise.

Smyth, in the time of our hungar, had spread a rumor in the Collony, that I did feast myself and my servants out of the comon stoare, with entent (as I gathered) to have stirred the discontented company against me.

You met some of them the other night and I wondered If you could give me any useful dope comon the foreigners, anyway.

Hubbard said unhappily, "They-they didn't say- There's to be an inquest comon Tuesday-was IN A QUIET ROOM at New Scotland Yard, four men were sitting round a table.

That all such persons as are of this collonie, are to have their meate, drink, apparell, and all provissions out of ye comon stock & goods of ye said collonie.

On the other hand, comon sense would have denied her vision of the April garden.

This second form of hair tie, done in lines, incidentally, resembles a comon coffle arrangement, achieved with a set of relatively short thongs each about five feet in length.