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ComNets, a chair of RWTH Aachen University, is one of the largest university departments in Germany working on Mobile Communications.

Research projects are mainly funded by third parties like national and European boards and communication industries. The research activities of about 40 fully employed research assistants are focused on design and further development as well as quantitative performance analysis of mobile communication systems like GPRS, TETRA, EDGE, UMTS, Next Generation, Dedicated Short Range Communication Systems, Hybrid Systems, Ad hoc and Multi-hop WLAN, HiperLAN/2, HiperMAN, mobile Satellite and High-Altitude Platforms. Stochastic simulation based on emulated protocol stacks and traffic theory are the main analysis methods. Essential results of ComNets’ work have been incorporated into the standards ETSI- GPRS, CEN- DSRC, ETSI/ HiperLAN/2, IEEE 802.11 e/h/s.