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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I took the precaution of setting the comms to automatic response.
▪ If you are new to comms you can not go far wrong with Odyssey.
▪ In addition to the main three applications the package has an address book, a labelling program and a comms program.
▪ Some comms packages incorporate it in software but usually it's found in the modem itself.
▪ With four comms radios instantly available, we switch from McAlpines' company frequency straight to Heathrow.

abbr. communications

Usage examples of "comms".

Time dragged on and on, and because of the blind spot, we still had no comms, even when we tried moving position.

It was a grizzled, rather ill-kept woman whom Gabriel had become used to seeing on the comms any hour of day or night.

There was no Grid access while you were in drivespace, and all that time he had fretted and played with the comms like a man who couldn't wait.

Gabriel yelled into the public comms as Enda flung them upward into the atmosphere.

He was not going to mention names or coordinates over public comms at this point.

Gabriel said down comms, "cluster close on me, five seconds, then scatter.

The enabler in turn spoke to your comms system and its Grid link, as well as to your ship's housekeeping computer.

Ah, Comms, my compliments to the Admiral and the Commodore, and we are preparing for departure in ten minutes.

Right now, I’ve got the comms room taking my name in vain for all it’s worth.

Martin snored softly in the dim red light of the comms terminal, similarly tired.

Please understand that this is the first time the Comms System has evoked a reply—"

Rodi imagined the Comms Officer tapping a broad, unwearing key with his mouth or tongue.

She debated whether to kill the suit-to-suit comms but they needed to be able to hear each other.

There were no wires, but an elaborate mix of military-grade intelligent comms to tie the ambush team together.

Way I'd plan it, first your comms would go down, then people would simply vanish one by one.