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And I will send word to every metalsmith in the Commot lands to labor as hard for you as I myself will do.

By the time the Commot men were on the march again, the Cauldron-Born had well outdistanced them and were moving without delay to the foothills of Bran-Galedd.

While each day Taran rallied followers in greater numbers, Coll, Gurgi, and Eilonwy helped load carts with gear and provisions, a task by no means to the liking of the Princess, who was more eager to gallop from one Commot to the next than she was to plod beside the heavy-laden wagons.

Days of harsh travel brought them across Small Avren to Cenarth, where Taran had chosen to begin the rallying of the Commot Folk.

As the Commot Folk, murmuring, pressed around him, Taran spoke of what had befallen Gwydion and of the rising of Arawn.

Taran turned to see a horseman who was riding up beside him, and blinked in surprise for this was the strangest-garbed of all the Commot warriors.

And in every Commot, shuttles will fly for the sake of Taran Wanderer.

A short distance from the Commot, Taran caught sight of a small band of horsemen riding toward him at a quick pace.

The weather worsened as the companions continued through the valley, and the growing host of Commot men forced them to travel at a slower pace.

It was Coll who gave him the thought, as the marshaling camps grew crowded, to send smaller, swifter bands directly to Caer Dathyl rather than march from one Commot to the next with a force becoming ever more cumbersome.

The Commot folk had carried the day, with none of their number slain and only a few wounded.

As he drew closer, as the crimson tongues wavered against the sky in a bloodstained sunset and the smoke rose and spread over the valley, he saw it was the Commot burning.

BY MIDWINTER, the last of the war bands had been gathered and the Commot warriors dispatched to Caer Dathyl.

In his cloak Taran bore one talisman: a shard of broken, fire-blackened pottery from Commot Merin.

Taran sounded his horn and with the Commot horsemen galloped to join the sweeping tide.