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n. (plural of commo English)

Usage examples of "commos".

The armada had reached Maitreya's World earlier than expected, and might arrive at Aasen before the Commos were ready.

And there they waited, drilling until the Commos were fully confident of their skills, and even their fleet admiral was reasonably satisfied with their performance.

The Commos needed to destroy as many Wyzhñyñy as possible, which meant maintaining fighting contact as long as they could—before the Wyzhñyñy could gang up on them.

But again, in terms of percentages, Soong's Commos had gotten the worst of it.

I expect your Commos will get by without us while Engineering repairs our shield generator.

It was either the Commos or the Groupers, the Catholics, or you were up against the bosses.

The Commos, they had clout then and they ran the Seamen's Union and they could tie up the whole country, right around, if they wanted to.