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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Commonness \Com"mon*ness\, n.

  1. State or quality of being common or usual; as, the commonness of sunlight.

  2. Triteness; meanness.


n. The quality of being common.

  1. n. the state of being that is commonly observed [syn: expectedness]

  2. the quality of lacking taste and refinement [syn: coarseness, grossness, vulgarity, vulgarism, raunch]

  3. ordinariness as a consequence of being frequent and commonplace [syn: commonplaceness, everydayness] [ant: uncommonness]

  4. sharing of common attributes [syn: commonality] [ant: individuality]

Usage examples of "commonness".

The trivial commonness was gone from her coquetting shoulders and drooping eyelids.

He would not have detracted anything from the commonness and cheapness of the 'mise en scene', for that, he reflected drowsily and confusedly, helped to give it an air of fact and make it like an episode of fiction.