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commodities market

n. an exchange for buying and selling commodities for future delivery [syn: commodity exchange, commodities exchange]

Usage examples of "commodities market".

The commodities market had taken that dip and there was less whiter wheat growing under the snows of America's plains than at any time since the Thirties.

My friend Diane Blair was married to someone who knew the intricacies of the commodities market, and he was willing to share his expertise.

The black box system also continually affected the local station-use commodities market, as a shortage of, say, grain product on Fargone affected the price of grain product everywhere in known space.

Astro's people were busily auctioning off the metals on the commodities market at Selene, desperately hoping to get prices high enough to make a minimal profit.

He's a specialist in the commodities market, and his father-in-law is very big in the commodities market.

Six hours after their original transmission reached the commodities market computer network on Earth - while a fairly spirited bidding was going on among four major corporations for the asteroid's mineral rights - a new message arrived at the headquarters of the International Astronautical Authority, in London.

So they played the three-quarters game for the rest of the afternoon, getting right down to the commodities market and the plots for soap operas.

I'm not for throwing the whole commodities market on its ear because we've got a problem!