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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1971, back-formation from commodification. Related: Commodified; commodifying.


vb. To make something into a commodity, sometimes at the expense of its intrinsic value.

Usage examples of "commodify".

Jack is drawn toward occasions of existential self-fashioning, heroic moments of vision in a commodified world.

Flesh and voice alike are stretched to the limit, stereotypically processed and purified, captured and commodified at the most excruciating vanishing point.

For their part, they were open minded when I insisted on wearing clothes to school and dating outside of my gender, although I could tell they thought I was being oppressed by the patriarchy and commodified by the Bank of America.

We talked about it and we decided it commodified it in a different way.

On the one hand, marketing practices and consumer consumption are prime terrain for developing postmodernist thinking: certain postmodernist theorists, for example, see perpetual shopping and the consumption of commodities and commodified images as the paradigmatic and defining activities of postmodern experience, our collective journeys through hyperreality.

A hardwired hook sniffer: What edge will cut through the commodified wash of minute-15 Will-Have-Beens?

The very antithesis of commodified fantasy, this book exhibits rare emotion and invention, being rich with both event and meaning.

The many different flavors of fantasy -- Peake and Eddison, Hodgson and Mirrlees -- were nearly expunged, and commodified fantasy ruled.

Even before the daughters have spoken, or refused to speak, the trajectory of their love, there is this transgression: the commodified landscape is sliced up and parcelled out to the highest rhetorical bidder.

American commercial culture co-opted the counterculture of communes and simple living, commodifying dissent, and selling it back to the dissenters.

For personality is the commodified product of trauma, the 'surplus value' arising from repeated exposure to shock and stress.

Patrick O'Donnell, "His Master's Voice: Commodifying Identity in J R," in Echo Chambers: Figuring Voice in Modern Narrative (Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 1992), p.

SeeNet (who claimed the right to speak for all their viewers, of course) had a strict checklist for profiles: so many minutes on childhood, so many on politics, so many on current relationships, etcetera-a slick paint-by-numbers guide to commodifying human beings .