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n. (context informal English) commissioner

Usage examples of "commish".

Hayes Walker Johnson, the commish, a year ago when he had appointed Wolf head of the NYPD's Special Homicide Task Force.

The commish had had to do something visible with his hero - in fact, to be perfectly fair, he had wanted to reward Wolf in some special way for sending his Q-rating -his recognition among the populace - soaring.

He was about to take Bobby out to breakfast when a call came in from the commish, who wanted to set up an immediate briefing.

Usually, the cases the commish wanted Wolf to work on were faxed over from his office.

The same thing must have been on Bobby's mind, because he said, 'Must be some important murder victim involved -probably something political that the commish can make headlines with.

This meet was strictly hush, which was no doubt why the commish was going to get to the office late this morning.

The commish was waiting for them at his back door, beckoning them across the brown grass and fieldstone pathway.

It was covered with food, hot and cold, the commish mindful of the hour, considerate of his heroes just coming off shift.

The commish made it clear that this new case is politically explosive.

Not an easy task considering that under the carefully manufactured public veneer the commish and the mayor would cheerfully duke it out in any back alley.

It rankled Breathard no end that the commish had had an early morning meet with Wolf - he'd checked the office sign-out logs, the commish not bothering to inform him - and had left him in the dark on this Moravia thing.

Fuck the commish and fuck Matheson, Breathard was determined to be that man and, in the process, screw Matheson.

If I can get to the commish I can show Breathard up for the liar and racist he is.

Well, my beamish boy, what if I told you the Commish wants us to stick with it?

They would be here later, she knew, everyone from the Commish on down if this turned out to be a serious one.