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vb. (obsolete spelling of coming English)

Usage examples of "comming".

Shippe that he doth meane to shoote at: then if the Shippe bee under the lee side of your Shippe, shoote your peece in the comming downe of the Gayle, and the beginning of the other Ship to rise upon the Sea, as near as you can, for this cause, for when the other shippe is aloft upon the Sea, and shee under your Lee, the Gayle maketh her for to head, and then it is likest to do much good.

But the successe and manner of my comming being demaunded of them, the Nymphes plainly, open and manifest the same at large, whereat the gratious Queene beeing mooued to compassion, caused me to stand vp, and vnderstanding what my name was, began to say.

Hee asked me the cause of our comming, I tolde him being in fight with the Spaniards our enemie, being over powred, neare put to retreat, and by extreme weather put to this shore, where landing at Chesipiack, the people shot us, but at Kequoughtan they kindly used us, wee by signes demaunded fresh water, they described us up the River was all fresh water, at Paspahegh, also they kindly used us, our Pinnasse being leake wee were inforced to stay to mend her, till Captain Newport my father came to conduct us away.

Which when Psyches did understand, shee caused that her sister had knowledge of her comming, and so they met together, and after great embracing and salutation, the sister of Psyches demaunded the cause of her travell thither.

Socrates as waking out of sleepe, did rise up first and sayd, It is not without cause that strangers do speake evill of all such Hostlers, for this Catife in his comming in, and with his crying out, I thinke under a colour to steale away something, hath waked me out of a sound sleepe.

In the end she promised a great reward to my keeper for the custody of me one night, who for gaine of a little money accorded to her desire, and when I had supped in a Parler with my Master, we departed away and went into our Chamber, where we found the faire Matron, who had tarried a great space for our comming : I am not able to recite unto you how all things were prepared : there were foure Eunuches that lay on a bed of downe on the ground with Boulsters accordingly for us to lye on, the Coverlet was of cloth of Gold, and the pillowes soft and tender, whereon the delicate Matron had accustomed to lay her head.

Judith, Ronald Sands is comming the other outsider ship, the Havenite Moscow.

Who comming to that soule-diseased knight,Could hardly him intreat, to tell his griefe:Which knowne, and all that noyd his heauie sprightWell searcht, eftsoones he gan apply reliefeOf salues and med'cines, which had passing priefe,And thereto added words of wondrous might:By which to ease he him recured briefe,And much asswag'd the passion of his plight,That he his paine endur'd, as seeming now more light.

She comming forth, when as she first beheldThe armed Prince, with shield so blazing bright,Her ready to assaile, was greatly queld,And much dismayd with that dismayfull sight,That backe she would haue turnd for great affright.

And (having found occasion and opportunity to accomplish his purpose, which he had long time concealed) brought to passe, that the same day that Charites was delivered by the subtill meane and valiant audacity of her husband, from the puissance of the Theeves, he mingled himselfe among the assembly, faining that he was glad of the new marriage, and comming home againe of the maiden, Whereby (by reason that he came of so noble parents) he was received and entertained into the house as one of their chiefe and principall friends : Howbeit under cloake of a faithfull welwiller, hee dissimuled his mischievous mind and intent : in continuance of time by much familiarity and often conversation and banketting together, he fell more and more in favour, like as we see it fortuneth to Lovers, who first doe little delight themselves in love : till as by continuall acquaintance they kisse and imbrace each other.

Thus well instructed, to their worke they hast,And comming where the knight in slomber lay,The one vpon his hardy head him plast,And made him dreame of loues and lustfull play,That nigh his manly hart did melt away,Bathed in wanton blis and wicked ioy:Then seemed him his Lady by him lay,And to him playnd, how that false winged boy,Her chast hart had subdewd, to learne Dame pleasures toy.

Soone as they bene arriu'd vpon the brimOf the Rich strond, their charets they forlore,And let their temed fishes softly swimAlong the margent of the fomy shore,Least they their finnes should bruze, and surbate soreTheir tender feet vpon the stony ground:And comming to the place, where all in goreAnd cruddy bloud enwallowed they foundThe lucklesse Marinell, lying in deadly swound.

At the comming over of Monsieur, there was a French Chirurgion who took in hand to cut it, yett fear stayed her, and his death.

And so it chanced that during the time that shee and he were basking together, her husband suspecting no such matter, returned home praising the chast continency of his wife, in that hee found his doores fast closed, wherefore as his custome was, he whistled to declare his comming.

He comming neare, gan gently her salute,With curteous words, in the most comely wize.