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COMMIN, from COMmon MINdscapes, is an EU-financed project concerned with spatial development in the Baltic Sea Region. Its goal is to interconnect the countries on the Baltic Sea — Germany, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Russia — as well as Norway and Belarus, in their goal to achieve an international basis in spatial development.

The project has 28 partners from 11 countries, including universities, government departments, and private companies, and is coordinated by the Academy for Spatial Research and Planning (ARL) in Hanover, Germany. The project runs from September 2004 until August 2007.

In order to reach this goal, the project members have created an on-line glossary of the most important scientific terms concerning spatial development. This glossary can be translated into 11 languages.

Usage examples of "commin".

Mishmashed neo-Quellist sentiment and old-time Commin, Commu—” He snapped his fingers.

Mishmashed neoQuellist sentiment and old time Commin, Commu —" he snapped his fingers.

Thy figurin' books might ha' tould thee better nor that, I should think, else thee mightst as well read the commin print, as Seth allays does.

He might have had many more books from Bartle Massey, but he had no time for reading "the commin print," as Lisbeth called it, so busy as he was with figures in all the leisure moments which he did not fill up with extra carpentry.