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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ But a commie, well, a commie was a traitor to his race.
▪ He used to niggle at me for being a capitalist farmer and I got at him for being an unemployed commie.
▪ If you were liberal, they called you a commie. 4.

Etymology 1 a. (context pejorative slang English) communist. n. (context pejorative slang English) A communist; a person with communist sympathies; a supposed communist infiltrator. Etymology 2

n. (context colloquial Australia English) A Etymology 3

n. (context colloquial army English) A wikipedia:commercial vehicle.


n. a socialist who advocates communism [syn: communist]

Usage examples of "commie".

Then, long before the end of the fifteen seconds it would take for the first TIMPS and killers to reach their targets, the big Galaxian battlewagons put out their every course of battle screen, torched up their every battle beam, and tore in at full drive to englobe the Commie ships and blast them out of the ether.

Bartlett, who was suspected of Commie sympathies, said darkly that was the gentry all over, kickshaws all the time, and nourishing food only fit for the working classes.

According to Senator McCarthy there are plenty of commies and homos in the state department.

I know the Commies built a big detention place in northwest Philly, in Fairmont Park, right off the Schuykill Expressway.

Just remember that damn crazy Commie bastard Oswald shot poor John Kennedy with a fuckin' Carcano 6.

Anyway, there was a picture of him in the window of this commie bookstore.

If we focus on them as individuals, we find most were brought up in dysfunctional homes, by commie parents, and attended commie camps in the summer.

Orbital Commie Hell The station gleefully informed us as he led us through its crowded, cluttered spaces, was no longer called the Marshall Titov.

So give me your news, and what you make of this commie coup and so on.

Organizations that want to keep themselves Red-free pay us a nominal fee to screen their employees and prospective employees for Commie associations, and we keep an exhaustive file on the Reds we uncover.

Morton Ziffkin: UAES member, CP member, member of eleven other organizations classified as Commie fronts.

I can tell you this, gentlemen: through passive resistance and other Commie shit the UAES is gonna force the Teamsters into kicking some ass, which is gonna make the UAES look good and us look bad.

Upshaw and his verbal style--wondering if he could run Commie argot as well as he did gangsterese.

The top sheet was a State Justice Department publicity job--California-based Commie fronts in alphabetical order.

Smith bought it whole, Considine second-hand, when he ran his prerehearsed spiel on how he would completely alter his haircut and clothes to fit the role of Commie idealist.