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commercial credit

n. credit granted by a bank to a business concern for commercial purposes

Usage examples of "commercial credit".

Afterwards, he engaged in an immensely successful business career, becoming president and director general of Ugine, the chemical giant of France, president of a phosphate company, vice president of a commercial credit firm, administrator of a mortgage society, honorary president of the Union of Chemical Industries and of the central committee of the electrochemical trade, and president of the Chamber of Commerce of Paris.

A company named Goldluxe that he had visited, apparently in response to a demand for commercial credit, and about which he had written a frank appraisal.

One hour later I was walking past the Palace of the Confederacy in San Jose, again headed for the California Commercial Credit Building and firmly resolved not to get into any fights in front of the Palace no matter what assassinations were being attempted.

But mostly involved with the commercial credit end of export-import business.