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commercial banks

n. (plural of commercial bank English)

Usage examples of "commercial banks".

The large commercial banks, married as they were to the large corporations, sent the same depositors' money that came in the front door right out the back door to protect the value of corporate stocks.

Perl was Chief Executive Officer of Berrenhauser Trusts, one of the major backers, who had marshaled a consortium of commercial banks and investment houses behind the project.

When Felchow, however, offered other commercial banks membership in a cartel and a share of the lucrative escrow business, the others joined gladly and without exception.

The sort of work one sold to committees sent round by the boards of Dutch commercial banks.

There were no commercial banks available to looting Mongols, so they had to carry their spoils along with them.

After Charles's lecture, Tracy had gone up to disagree with his analysis of the ability of third-world nations to repay the staggering sums of money they had borrowed from commercial banks worldwide and western governments.