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Usage examples of "commem".

Hell, if I hadn't already bought the ticket for the bloody Commem Ball, I'd be damned if I'd buy it now.

He was grateful when Julia changed the subject, and started talking about their plans for the Commem Ball.

They would all be coming up again for the Commem Ball, but by then everything would be different.

There were seven of them that evening dining in his oak-panelled room before the Commem Ball: David, Richard and Karl, all, like Grantham, resplendent in tails, and the four women, the Manvilles, Eva, and a young don from St.

Grantham had given evidence about the origin of the party at the Commem ball, and said that, as he had been the host of the preliminary dinner, and because the disastrous drive had in a sense started from his rooms, he felt at least partly responsible for the tragedy.

But then they gave me a plaque commem -- orating the Incarnations series.