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abbr. communication


The comm command in the Unix family of computer operating systems is a utility that is used to compare two files for common and distinct lines. comm is specified in the POSIX standard. It has been widely available on Unix-like operating systems since the mid to late 1980s.

COMM (The Tangent album)

COMM is the sixth studio album released by progressive rock group The Tangent. The album features five tracks and two bonus tracks. The bonus track "The Spirit Of The Net" was a demo for the original COMM album and the starting point for this album. "Watcher Of The Skies" is a fictional live get together in the early 1970s performed for fun by Andy Tillison, Jonathan Barrett, Pete Greenwood and Phil Bernia. Pete Greenwood and Phil Bernia are members of SEYES Yes tribute band.

Comm (disambiguation)

COMM, Comm or comm may refer to:

  • [[comm]], the Unix command.
  • "Comm." the standard botanical abbreviation for scientist Philibert Commerson
  • "comm." an abbreviation for commentary
  • COMM (The Tangent album)

Usage examples of "comm".

He flipped open his comm, and within minutes he had auth for a bush plane big enough for them and Benton.

Colonial vessel, he knew, all landing, launch and repair bays were outfitted with comm systems and computer terminals.

The doorman said a few words over the in-house comm circuit to the parking bays, where the ranks of hovercars waited with their chauffeurs.

On Carida, in the main citadel of the Imperial military training center, Ambassador Furgan looked down at his comm officer, frowning with lips the color of fresh bruises.

Summoning the setting with the touch of his fingers, Chuang Tzu chose a level where the comms link registered as functioning but carried almost no signal.

Voices were screaming over the comm, but Clio rode the ship, shutting them out.

Miles plucked his scanner fisheye and returned it to its case, and keyed his wrist comm.

With his comm clip connection to Uncle Virge buried inside his footlocker, and with too many people pressed around for him to risk talking to Draycos, he felt strangely lonely.

Ennet House he sometimes wakes up in his Staff cellar bedroom down by the pay phone and tonic machine and looks out the sooty ground-level window by his bed and watches the catatonic touching the tree in her sheet and glasses, illuminated by Comm.

The screen came up with a long list of Greekish and Latinate names, and the desk comm whistled stridently, both at the same moment.

The Mag Comm hummed with activity, its new ability to think stimulated by the implications.

Teressa Aliss had been very clear about her order, repeating it over the comm just before the vehicles rolled out of New Ibadan, and both of the young officers from the Enterprise had concurred with her.

Then he raised his comm unit to get a very brief assessment from Karpas as to the movements of the Federation personnel .

Anyway, your comm plan is pie in the sky until we actually see Marengo in your Galleria.

A dozen moles would be dropped down defunct oil boreholes to begin the construction of an interconnected network, spreading out through hydrate strata, chattering to each other through sonar and other comms channels, and closing the complex loops around which the liquid nitrogen would flow.