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n. (alternative form of commlink English)


In science fiction, a comlink (or com link) is a small, hand-held personal communications transceiver. It consists of a receiver, a transmitter, and a small power source. Comlinks vary in size and configuration. Their appearances vary from hand-held cylinders, to flat, wrist-mounted units, to units incorporated into armored helmets. Sometimes, comlinks have ports for transmitting data gathered by other devices.

Comlinks are frequently used for explaining fast-as-light or faster-than-light communication in science fiction stories where such communication is necessary.

Usage examples of "comlink".

Cilghal backed quietly out the door, then slipped the comlink from her pocket and raised it to her lips.

Anakin cut the circle to within a few millimeters of the other side, then activated his comlink to warn Jaina about what they were doing.

He worked a hand under his chest up toward the comlink clipped to his collar, at the same time worming his way backward down the duct.

Corran Horn was still on the comlink, yelling at the duty officer to break base protocol and hail the Destroyer.

She set the signal feature to their comlink frequency and attached it to the ceiling in front of her.

Ka squeezed the back of his arm, then quietly reached over and killed his comlink mike.

The fact that Garv did not reach for his comlink suggested the order had indeed been issued.

Picarefy through a comlink ornamented with dancing lights that are extraordinarily successful at conveying the emotions of a supposed-to-be emotionless machine entity, doing this with varying levels of energy, varying patterns of the lights, varying colors.

Defoe listened with mild disinterest to priority beeps coming over the comlink clipped to his ear.

She sounded soft and winsome over the comlink, a sure sign HQ was in second degree alarm -- Salome never courted underlings unless she needed something.

With a curse, Shada ripped the comlink from her collar with her left hand, throwing it as far away from her as she could.

Shada cursed again, lining up her blaster rifle with her right hand as she groped for the switch on her backup comlink with her left.

Nadon was interrupted from his reveries by a comlink call on his personal channel.

Ten hours before landfall, Davin marched up to the quartermaster and collected his desert gear: heat-reflective armor, comlink, filtermask, blaster rifle, blaster pistol, temperature-control body glove, utility belt, energy source, and concussion grenade launcher.

Hanging his comlink back on his belt, he clambered up the casde wall with great dexterity, onto a slanting section of roof.