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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1968 (R. Crumb), variant spelling of comics (see comic (n.)) in the comic book or strip sense.


Etymology 1 vb. (alternative spelling of commix English) Etymology 2

n. (context slang English) comics

Comix (software)

Comix is an image viewer specifically designed to handle comic book archives. It reads ZIP, RAR and tar archives, as well as plain image files. It is written in Python and uses GTK+ through the PyGTK bindings. Comix features a bookmarks manager, a library manager, and a mouse controlled magnification lens used to zoom in on images.

Comix was forked to create MComix after Comix stopped being worked on.

Usage examples of "comix".

He tried to slide past the time by flipping from the Solomon anthology to Marvel comics to the Zap comix he'd accrued in his pursuit of understanding.

In the same manner the spirit penetrates the body, and is perfectly comixed with it in its smallest atoms, and the body draws to itself his moisture, to wit, its white soul, like as the loadstone draws iron, because of the nearness and likeness of its nature.

The buyer grunted peevishly, dropped Whambozambo Comix on the floor and led the way out of the building and down the log corduroy road to the highway.

The thing looked like the revolting result of a misprinted copy of AC/DC sado-maso Comix, thought Sergeant Bill of Phigerinadon II.